General Information

Corporate Info

ExcluSinga is the official supporters’ group of LionsXII accredited by the Football Association of Singapore. ExcluSinga has made its appearance in the LionsXII matches to support the team to achieve greater heights.

We are a non-profit fan club.

Our Tagline

We live by our tagline ‘We Hardcore, Not Hooligans’. We do not behave like Hooligans and we maintain our high standard of discipline on and off the stadium.

Our Motto

We stand, we cheer, we roar is our undying motto for the country and the Lions. Whenever we’re out there, we will put aside all our differences, cheer our hearts out for the Lions, provide a good atmosphere for those at the stadium to enjoy the lovely and beautiful game.

Our Belief

100% Fans, 100% Football is what we believe in. We are true fans that come from different walks of life, gathering together and cheer on the Lions. We believe in fair game, whatever we see on the pitch should we football and not violence or dirty play.

Our Aims

We aim to provide physical and emotional support to the Lions. When they are down, we cheer them up; when they perform well, we credit them.

We aim to soar to greater heights together with LionsXII and FAS, to achieve international level of football for Team Singapore.

We as a fan club aim to revive the 1994 football fan scene, bring back the atmosphere, the Kallang Roar and the Kallang Wave.

Our Pledge

We, the members of ExcluSinga, do pledge ourselves, to be hardcore and not hooligans. Whenever we’re out there, we stand, cheer, and roar. We strive to maintain a high standard of respect and discipline, so that we, may fully support, the Lions.

Our Seating Allocation

We are being allocated to seat at the ‘Heart of Jalan Besar Stadium’ by Football Association of Singapore (FAS). It is located under the Harimau Muda logo board.